Travel to Harbour Front


Indonesia is all about interesting places and thus, is always a spot on favorite among the tourists. Batam is in Indonesia and if supposedly you land up to this beautiful area, you should not hesitate to try out the ferry service it offers. This is not only a cheaper means of travel when compared to the other luxurious means but will also take you to many of the important destinations like the harbor front, as well.


Nongsa, Sekupang, Harbour Bay and Batam Center are the ferry terminals of this area. Since your destination is going to be Harbour front, you need to depart from Batam Center. However, it is equally important to note that, once you have decided to take advantage of the ferry service from batam center to harbour front, it will be a wise decision to book your tickets for the return journey as well.

This is because during the peak seasons it becomes difficult otherwise to get a preferred ferry timing. Not that there are any limitations in the availability of the service throughout the day, however, during public holidays and on weekends, this mode of travel has gained increasing popularity over the days.

Thanks to, travelling in these parts of Asia has become so easy nowadays. You just need to visit the site and search with your locations and timings. You can plan and book your journey well ahead of others.


The specialty of Batam Center lies in the fact that it remains connected by a bridge that goes overhead and joins with the Megamall of Batam Center. This makes the ferry terminal all the more convenient for tourists and commoners. Another likeable point is the number of food joints that have popped outside the terminal. The door linked with the bridge opens usually around 10 am. The availability of local food and Saint Cinnamon sees to the fact that people like us don’t remain hungry while waiting for the ferry.

The terminal is very well maintained and you won’t feel a delay with the immigration procedures therein. Neither would you feel dissatisfied when it comes to the money changers. Based on Indonesian timings, ferry to bintan from batam center starts at 6 in the morning and is there till 8:40 in the night. The interval time between each service is usually around 1.5 hours. Companies like SINDO Ferry Pte Ltd and Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd provide their ferry services herein. While the former charges around 25 Singapore dollars, the charges for the latter is around 22 SGD.