Legoland Malaysia Water Park – Johor


The first theme park of Malaysia having an international acclaim is located in Nusajaya in Johor. The park had its majestic opening in the year 2012. The park is only the sixth Legoland theme park in the world and is the first one in Asia. The 76 acres area of the park consists of hotels, offices, retail center, service apartments and a lot more.

There is also the Legoland theme park offering 13 rare attractions that had its opening in 2013. Since then the water park has been the talk of the place and it has some unique features which makes it a wonder especially among the kids.

However, this one is for the little ones, if you are above 1.07 meters in height you will be able to enjoy all the rides that are available in the park. Now those that are below the specified height, no need to look so gloomy, you will also get to ride quite a few of them. There is the Duplo Splash for children with height below 1.02 meters along with a blue, red and orange one. The names of the slides are given to distinguish them based on their speeds. Another attraction of this water park is the Build-a-raft River. Here you have to design and make your own Lego raft. You have to set it up quickly using the Lego bricks and then you can start your journey across the lazy river. It really is fascinating. However there is no need to worry regarding the safety aspects as the river are only a few centimeters deep. Also the kids are provided with free life jackets to make it feel more adventurous. However this piece of sport has only one entry and exit point which makes the points a bit crowded at times. All of us must have been pretty fond of mermaids at some point of our lives. If you want to see on just go to the Lego Wave pool. This pool is not only for kids, it is a family place where you can just enjoy the mild waves throughout the day.

If all these forms suffice the heroes below 1.07 meters there are plenty more for the ones above that height. The Splash N Swirl is full of twists and excitements where you can ride the slide either alone or with your partner. However if your heart is weak and needs more moral courage you can go in a group and conquer the Red Rush. It is also a water slide but with less emotional threats than the previous one. Apart from all these events there is a unique one, Twin Chasers. It is full on excitement game as you have the opportunity of racing against someone in an enclosed tube sliding. However, if you kind of feel yourself to be the master of this one, you can take up the challenge of beating five more in the Lego Slide Racers.